Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gearing Up and Getting Closer...

The official opening of the Beijing Gathering Show is not that far away now and so it's time to make some quick thank yous. Kenny, Benny, Cyclone, Ivy, Candy and all of the staff at 3A we love you for all the hard work and dedication that you've poured into this almighty project. (There was so much art this time around that the crates took 14 hours to unload and properly unpack!) Also our grateful thanks go out all of the wonderful, creative people at Milk Magazine China. To our guest artists, Phil, Dorophy, Jem and Rufus and Kenny it wouldn't be a show without you!

Gathering will be showcasing 180 unique and amazing pieces of art this time around, as well as prints, toys and exclusives. All of the artists featured will be present and on hand at the exhibition, so if you see a guy and you think, "Wow, that looks like Phil Hale!" That's probably because it is.

We will be updating this blog regularly with new images, sights and sounds from late tomorrow onwards. If you live in Beijing and you're reading this, Analog Girl is playing live at the opening party, so don't miss out.

Ash will be uploading video from Friday. Also if you're a Pituvision fan look him up on his webpage or You Tube to see him freak out in Beijing.

Keep it here,