Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

All of our guest artists, signed, sketched and greeted and met for hours Saturday and Sunday. All of our scheduled signings we're blown right out over the weekend, fortunately our invited guest artists were willing to hang around and work through crowds of people lining up.

I'm still waiting on shots from the Analog Girl performance that took place Friday, there was also a documentary being shot at the show (which includes full footage of the live performance), so there will be much more footage coming everyone's way in the future.

The response to the exhibition was huge, it's still going on for the rest of the week, we had somewhere between 60-100 overseas 3A members attending the show, not counting some of our overseas assocs. that also flew in to take a peek, some of whom flew in incognito turned up and said: "Surprise!"

Ash wants to thank everyone who made the long journey from overseas to attend, some people traveling for as long as 30 hours to get there.

The Beijing locals, (warm and friendly!), made up the rest of the crowd, for some this was their first exposure not only to 3A but western art in general and we were honored that people came to take a look and in many cases comment on and discuss the work that they saw.

Lines, we had lines! The first line started to form about a week before the show started but the authorities were worried about safety issues and moved the initial line on but as the show's opening approached the line reformed and in some cases people lined up overnight to get a hold of exclusives, (including many of our international boardies). I'm sure that sleeping rough in Beijing will be one of those memories that people's future grandchildren will scratch their heads at and say: "Why the hell'd you do that?" Well, because you only live once right?

Bonding, lots of bonding went on and I'm not talking about the boardies who ended up sucking face with strangers! Many long arty discussions were had and when Ash wasn't chewing the fat with Hale and Geddis and Dayglo et al. He was constantly talking to fans and other interested parties and as a result of talking too much he now sounds very hoarse.

Still have updates and images coming, Ash will be taking it easy this week coming up - he's caught a wicked cold.

A big thanks to Benny and all the gang for looking after Ash (and all our guests) as always, good luck at the world cup and here's hoping that you can still hear when you get back and you don't come down with an obnoxious case of trumpet shock!


Edit: Oh and a huge, huge thank you to all of our dedicated Mods, you guys rock!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Wrap Up

Still waiting on Saturday pics but what a busy day! The gallery was infused with a fresh stream of visitors today and the crowds did not let up. A scheduled two hour signing turned into a five and a half hour signing and Ash officially, (albeit temporarily), has worn out his drawing arm as a result.

Interesting sight for Friday night, a car pulled up on a street near the gallery. Its Chinese owners hung out the window to get Ash's attention, they had decorated their car to look like a Dirty Deeds Bertie (and the decals were permanent!) If anyone sees it around take a pic and we'll post it here.

The response in China has been both overwhelming and positive, we thank everyone who's showed up thus far and if you're thinking of taking a look, the exhibition is still in residence for another week.

More updates coming soon.


Friday, June 25, 2010

A 3AA Proposal

Ashley mentioned to me that one of our 3AA members, Lee, was planning to propose to his girlfriend at the show. This photo was taken right after his happy girlfriend said "Yes!"

Ash and I (and all of the team at 3A) wish you both a very long and happy life together. Cool memories, great photo!


Opening Night 2

Scenes From Opening Night

The Gathering is ON

Doors opened mere minutes ago to the roaring crowd waiting eagerly outside. Show begins now, more updates coming your way shortly.

A Herd of Grazing Squares!